Member How To: 05-06 CBR600RR Oil Change

Need to change the oil on your Honda CBR600RR? Why not save time, money, and the pain of paying a dealership and do it yourself? Check out this How To article written by our very own forum moderator, @dubv, which will help guide you through your oil change step by step.

“Start off with what your going to need: Oil, Filter, small funnel, 5mm allen wrench, 10mm & 12mm socket, oil filter wrench, Phillips screw driver, container to drain oil into, and a quarter.

Oil and filter are personal preference. I use Repsol full synthetic 10W 40 and Bike Master filter. Here’s a link for oil discussion regular vs synthetic what brand etc.

OK so you have everything your going to need let’s get started… Step 1.  You will need to remove the Right Side mid and lower fairings. I like to remove the lower first. To do this you will need to remove 3-4 plastic push clips (depending on how many have been broken or lost) and 3 5mm allen bolts. The push clips can be a real pain in the rear to get out sometimes. Here’s some pic to guide you. At the bottom of the lower fairing towards the back  you will find 2 clips. Remove them.

Now move to the front. Just behind the front tire you will find 2 5mm allen bolt connecting the mid and lower fairings. Remove the one on the right side. On the bottom you will find another 5mm allen bolt and a push clip remove both of these.

You will now need to remove 2 more 5mm allen bolts. There is one below the rear set (this one has a washer on the back side)… And the other is towards the front connecting the mid and lower fairings…

That takes care of all the bolts and clips, but you will need to pull the lower fairing up and back to unhook the lower fairing from the mid. It’s located just below the last bolt you removed, and looks like this…

Step 2: With the lower fairing out of the way let’s get the mid fairing off…

First remove the plastic push clip at the top. This one can be tricky just take your time.

Now remove the 3 5mm allen bolts running down the side.

Finally unlock the lock screw. The best thing I have found is a quarter..

OK you now have your fairings off Let’s get to the oil change.

Step 1: Place your container under you bike below the drain plug. Remove the drain plug, and be careful not to drop the washer on the drain plug in the oil or your going fishing. Let it drain for a few minutes… I like to smoke a cigarette and have a Corona at this point.

Step 2; Ok the oil should be just dripping from the drain by now. Use your filter wrench and loosen the filter. I like to loosen it slowly till it just starts to drain oil. Then I let it drain before I remove it. This will keep oil off your header. (unfortunately no pic)

Step 3: Now all your old oil is out. From here you going to do every thing in reverse. Open up your new filter and put a small coating of oil (use your new oil) on the rubber gasket, and re-install it. Get it finger tight and give it a 3/4 turn to tighten it. <span style=”color: red”>Do not over tighten it</span> you will crush the gasket and end up with a leak (notice the oil all around my drain plug?).

Step 4; Put a small coating of oil on the threads of the drain plug and re-install. Get it finger tight and give it a turn with the 12mm wrench. <span style=”color: red”>Again don’t over tighten</span>. I’m sure there’s a spec for how much torque you should use, but I don’t know it off hand.

Step 5; Use your small funnel and start replacing the oil. I believe it’s 3.7 quarts. Fill up to the full line on the level window. Remember to level your bike when checking it (if you don’t have it on stands).  Start the bike for a few seconds and let the oil circulate. You will notice there is little or no oil on the level window. Check around your plug and filter for leaks. Wait a few minutes to let the oil drain back down (I usually have another cigarette and Corona). If oil is below full line top it off, <span style=”color: red”>but do not over fill</span>.

Now put your fairings back on in the reverse order you removed them. And wallah’! You have just successfully changed your oil and save yourself about $100!

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