How to earn RideCBR Points for Contests/Giveaways

I’ve received plenty of PM’s asking how members can get more RideCBR Points for future giveaways, contests, and RideCBR gear. Here is a list of what you can do to increase your RideCBR Points count:

1. Bet your RideCBR points to win more.
Every week you can bet 50 to 250 RideCBR points on a coin flip. The drawing is done every Sunday evening, and you can win a split of the opposing pick’s points. Read more and enter here:

2. Be active, post more, and start new topics.
You can earn points by posting status updates on your wall, posting new replies in our Honda CBR Forum, and commenting on the RideCBR Blog articles. Hint: Posting a new topic gives you more points than posting a reply to a topic, but if your new topic is thought of as spam to gain points, you will loose those points plus an automatic point penalty.

Here is a list of how points are awarded:

5 Points – Update
5 Points – Leaving a reply
5 Points – Uploading a group avatar
5 Points – Group Update or Reply
20 Points – New Group Forum Topic
5 Points – New Group Forum Post
5 Points – Avatar Uploaded
1 Points – Message Sent
1 Points – Gallery Upload
5 Points – Blog Comment
20 Points – Blog Post
100 Points – Becoming a Member

3. Enter any of our RideCBR forum contests.
RideCBR Official Contest Forum (Periodically will post point contests.)
Play the RideCBR Motorcycle Picture Game (Win 50 points per win.)
Check the RideCBR Contests Forum (Promotions periodically added.)
Play the motorcycle scavenger hunt game. (Promotions periodically added.)

More ways to win RideCBR points will be added soon, as well as a full member store with clothing and gear to support and promote RideCBR. For a point count, or to see how you’ve earned points so far, click the Points link on the left side of your member profile page.

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