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New RideCBR Sponsor: AMPP Moto Cleaning Products


Welcome to our newest sponsor, AMPPmoto Cleaning Products. This stuff is the real deal when it comes to cleaning your bike.. I’ve used MotoQuik when cleaning before shows and it’s phenomenal. Check out their products here: http://www.amppmoto.com/products/ and discuss their product line here: http://ridecbr.com/forum/ridecbr-sponsor-ampp-moto/ We’re all crazy about cleaning our bikes to make them look […]

RideCBR adds FAQ section for New Members.


RideCBR has added a Frequently Asked Questions section for new members to learn how RideCBR works and how to make the most of our unique functions. We’ll be adding to this list as questions come up, so feel free to either ask questions, or post question/answer combos that you think will help new members of […]

October 2012’s BOTM Winner Announced!

Camera 360

The October 2012 RideCBR Bike of the Month winner has been chosen. The winner gets bragging rights for a month, and a $25.00 gift certificate to FatalCycles.com to buy whatever they want for their bike. Congratulations @thebearded1 ! You won the October 2012 RideCBR Bike Of The Month! You’ve won bragging rights, a homepage picture, […]

Vote now for the October 2012 Bike of the Month!


The RideCBR contest for October 2012’s Bike of the Month is closed. Let’s vote for a winner! The winner of the Bike of the Month will receive a $25.00 gift certificate to FatalCycles.com! The Entries: @shawnsay = @lugoh714 = @thebearded1 = Please vote by mentioning the member’s username at the forum voting thread here: http://ridecbr.com/topic/open-ridecbr-botm-voting-thread-october-2012/. […]

3 Days Left! Enter to win a Sportbike Battery Tender.


Want to win a battery tender for your bike for the winter months or just in general? There are 3 days left to enter the RideCBR contest with RideCBR points to win a battery tender. Enter here with your RideCBR points: http://ridecbr.com/open-ridecbrs-5th-contest-motorcycle-battery-tender/ You must be logged in to see that page properly. Good luck!