Check out this Custom Honda CBR 1000F Sportbike!

Yeah, I know. You’re drooling over every little custom piece of this absolutely beautiful custom creation. This Honda CBR 1000F Custom Sportbike is the brain child of Ian McElroy. Custom aftermarket pieces combined with fantastic metal work make this a beast that any Honda Sportbike enthusiast could talk about for days after seeing it.

Here is an excerpt from where we stumbled across this beast:

“You’d be hard pressed to guess that this bike started life as a 1987 Honda Hurricane, known less evocatively as the CBR 1000F. This amazing machine took Ian McElroy two years to build, and if you spot a little of the KTM RC8 in there, you’re right—the Austrian superbike was one of the inspirations for McElroy’s stealth-fighter angles and curves. The fenders are hand-crafted from aluminum, and a new subframe reshaped the back end. The bodywork is formed from sheets of aluminum meticulously welded together, and the original gauges have been replaced by a Veypor setup that can also record G-force, 0-60, quarter mile time and lap time as well as speed and RPM. With 130 bhp on tap, the DOHC, 998cc, 16 valve four is not short of go—but K&N filters and a custom-made, less restrictive exhaust system have given the motor an extra kick. And there’s nothing stealth about the sound: McElroy’s Honda reportedly sounds like a drag bike at the strip”

You can see more pictures and information about the bike here:

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