Sticky: Notifications, Emails, Spam, Etc from RideCBR – MUST READ!

In the last few weeks, we’ve had some low life scum visit This person is trying to cause havoc and harm to our community. The way the person is trying to affect our community is fairly easy to stop. They are using email manipulation to make emails look like they are coming from asking to change your password to another password, or to give up your password to them via email.

Here are some tips to prevent anything happening to your account:

1. NEVER give your password to anyone, at any time. Ever.
2. Never change your password because someone told you to.
3. Make sure the email account you use has a complicated password that is harder to guess.
4. Any and all notifications from will be sent to you via email, but are just notifications, no action is required on any notification you are sent via your email. Any email asking for you to send back anything, is fake.
5. All messages, notifications, or notices from any Staff member (@admin, @bambam, @dubv) will be sent through the Private Message system. We will not email you.. we will PM you. PMs are far more secure than email.

These tips are tailored to but on any social media network, forum, website, community, chat room, or email you should take steps to protect your information and your accounts. We are an open social network, so we have to deal with scum from time to time.

The only way he can cause harm to our community, is if he manually signs up (we are monitoring and banning as he signs up) or if he gets access to your email and changes your password through your email.

Please PM me or email me at admin (@) ridecbr (.) com to report anything going forward.

Thank you,

2 thoughts on “Sticky: Notifications, Emails, Spam, Etc from RideCBR – MUST READ!

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    Be very careful with PM notifications too!! I got a PM notification from @thebearded1 and I did my usual of clicking the link from the email to take me to my RideCBR mailbox.

    The link crashed my whole laptop and took me some page that said this site is an ‘attack site’ … My whole computer froze up and I had to reboot from scratch.

    When I logged into Ride and into my messages there was no PM from @thebearded1. This PM notification looked exactly like any other PM notification. So if you get one, just log into ride manually and go to your messages the slow path way


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