Exclusive Member Discounts

RideCBR.com has several companies that support or sponsor either our Project 1000RR, our contests/giveaways and/or companies that sponsor our entire community. This page is dedicated to companies that would like to provide RideCBR.com Members with EXCLUSIVE discounts and coupon codes for their websites/stores.

Here are the currently active Exclusive Discounts:

nicecycle coupon code
Store Name: NiceCycle Motorcycle Fairings & Parts
Online Store URL: http://www.NiceCycle.com
Coupon Code: RIDECBR
Coupon Description: Take $150 OFF any Motorcycle Fairing Kit!!!

stickman vinyls coupon code
Store Name: Stickman Vinyls
Online Store URL: http://www.StickmanVinyls.com
Coupon Code: RIDECBR
Coupon Description: Take 15% OFF any motorcycle decal kit, including wheel and rim decals!!!

If you own a company and would like to be listed here, please message @admin or email admin (at) ridecbr (dot) com.