RideCBR’s First Contest – FatalCycles.com Levers!

RideCBR’s First Contest – FatalCycles.com Levers!

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RideCBR.com has partnered with FatalCycles.com to give away a custom set of levers for your Honda CBR Sportbike!
All you need to do, is use your RideCBR points gained from participating in our community, and enter the contest below.
You can use our betting section, participate on RideCBR.com or use social media entries to gain points.

The winner will be able to choose their model bike, lever color, as well as shorty or long levers.

Please make sure you read the rules posted below. If you have any questions, ASK before you enter.

RideCBR Points entered in this contest cannot be refunded to your RideCBR account.

Contest Rules & Regulations:

1. Posting on the forum, activity wall, or other RideCBR section just to earn points will result in a points fine and possible banning. This includes spam, advertising other forums, or simply posting on every topic just for points.

2. The winner must provide a picture of their motorcycle, with RideCBR.com somewhere in the picture to claim the prize.

You don’t need to post this before the contest ends! ONLY THE WINNER MUST SUBMIT THIS BIKE PIC.

If you cannot do this after the contest, don’t enter the contest!

CONTEST CLOSED – @coltonharris13 wins!

Thank you for participating.

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