1997 600 f3, garage queen. 5k original miles. Wont idle.

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    So this last weekend I purchased my first cbr 600. The infamous f3. It had been sitting in a garage for what I told was about 7 years, the carbs had never been off the bike before I got it. And it would not turn over whatsoever the day I bought the bike. Paid $400 for it. Which I feel is a great deal considering the milage. Now, I know it is a carb issue.
    Here is what is happening, the bike will start and idle at about 1200 for about 2 seconds. Any touch of the throttle or choke will kill the bike. Then it won’t start again, (if you consider that starting anyways). Although with the throttle pulled open and the two center carb intakes covered the bike will fire right up almost instantaneously and will run and rev as long as the throttle is open, but will die if the throttle closes at all, but does run smoothly and nicely while giving it has after covering the two center carbs. I pulled the carbs because I know a bike that has sat for this long and doeasnt start or idle definitely needs a carb clean. Upon pulling the carbs and inspecting them, as I imagined before hand they were green with sticky varnish and a complete disaster inside the float bowls. Diaphragms and slides were clean as a whistle. Spraying carb cleaner into the passageways has lead me to believe they are clear of debris and or varnish because cleaner had sprayed out the other side into the float bowl, float valves were indeed as stuck as could be and bowl gaskets are slightly rotting, ordered new float valves and bowl gaskets. But for the time being I reattached the carbs and hooked everything up properly. Seems to want to idle now, but still won’t stay running and to no luck I’m still having the same issue as I was. I also ordered new slow jets as I assume they are the culprit alongside the float valves being bad. Wondering if there is anything else I should look out for. Also did not adjust the D shaped fuel mixture screws, wondering if that might be an issue as well, and what the proper setting on a fully stock intake and exhaust would be if I were to adjust them?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hey Mate, sounds to me like the carbs need to be recleaned, all the jets and holes need to be cleaned. Ifound that the only ideal solution to cleaning carbs is giving tchem a bath (usually involves giving them to a company that has a bathtub that vibrates), they’ll take them apart completely and reassemble. Carbcleaner is ok for just refreshing the carbs, but it doesn’t mean it’ll clean out sticky muck.


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