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    We carry stainless, titanium and GP exhaust. But no one knows that, so the first person to PM us about writing a review on here about our exhaust, we will give you 50% off the exhaust.

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    go read my writeups, then tell me if you want me to write a review for you guys…if you guys sold TOCE, I woul dbe ALL OVER this shit…

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    GP exhaust ehh?!? would you happen to have pics of said exhaust? (i checked your website and didn’t see anything.)

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    Do you have any more information about your exhaust for a 2007 600RR? I am looking to do a full exhaust, and obviously would like to know what kind of improvements yours has to offer. I didn’t really see anything other than a general description of your exhausts on the website.

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    Once the RideCBR/My bike is delivered, i’ll post up a bunch of reviews for Fatal Cycles parts.

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    I sent a PM to @fatalcycles just waiting for a reply and im with @admin if he wants to sell me parts with the hookup ill test and review anything… hell he could sponser my bike and ill put whatever he wants me to test and review up.

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    If you guys had full system that allowed a yoshi slip-on to be comparable with it then I would love to try it out. I can’t see your site on my phone because of adobe but I will look at it later. Either way I would love to have your system.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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