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    Excessive noise/vibration is a common complaint on some 1000F’s and adjusting the balancer backlash can sometimes make a noticeable difference.
    It’s a simple procedure, but it isn’t commonly discussed, so I figured tonight I would take a few minutes and show you how it’s done.

    Time: maybe 30mins max
    Difficulty: If you can’t do it, sell your bike and find another hobby.
    Tools: Flathead screwdriver, 10mm wrench, 1/4 or 3/8″ drive ratchet and extension, 10mm socket, 5mm hex head wrench.

    FIRST: Peel back the right side fairing.
    Remove the RIGHT side cover (1 screw head) and all the bolts in the following picture. Removing the side cover will also expose 2 more 10mm fairing bolts (not pictured)
    One of the bottom arrows is pointing to a hex fairing bolt that is also out of sight. Lastly, you will have to remove the bottom center clip that holds the two fairing halves together.

    This will allow the right side fairing to hang enough to get underneath it.
    It will look like this:

    And these are all the bolts you should need to take out:

    You will gain access to the balancer adjuster through this hole:

    The balancer adjuster will look like this:

    Now you need to loosen the pinch bolt on the adjuster (pointing down in the pic…. 10mm head)
    Next, slowly turn the adjuster counterclockwise (left) with a flathead screwdriver, then back to it’s original position. There should be a little bit of drag like the pinch bolt still has a hold on it, but not enough that you can’t turn the adjuster.

    Now start the engine.

    SLOWLY turn the adjuster counterclockwise (left) until you start to hear a “whine” from the motor. Then turn it back until you no longer hear the whining noise.

    Turn off the motor and re-tighten the pinch bolt. Fairing replacement is the reverse of removal.

    ….. done!!

    This should take some of the vibration and/or noise out of your engine. (especially on higher mileage bikes)

    **A Special NOTE**
    The manual tells you to do all of this with the motor OFF. According to the manual, you should turn the adjuster counterclockwise until it stops, and then back one index mark.
    I’ve found this much less effective than my method. If you want to do it by the book, that’s fine. Other bikes have you do it while the engine is running just like I do it. It’s up to you…

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