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    Had some awesome weather (60-65 and not a cloud in the sky), so my good buddy Scott and I went out and did some riding. He’s a riding addict just like me, so any chance we get we’re out riding. Last couple weekends we’ve been doing other stuff (dirt riding, bike show, supercross races, etc) and haven’t gotten a street ride in for a good bit, so we were overdue for a good long ride. I had to work half day saturday so got kind of a late start, but between the two days ended up logging about 400 miles on some of North Carolinas finest

    Anyways, Saturday we ventured on some local backroads up to the Blue Ridge Parkway

    I took him to one of my favorite overlooks along the BRP….. you park and then hike up a trail about 10-15 mins to the top of this ginormous rock overlook where you can see just about EVERYTHING, lol. Love the view from this little perch

    It was getting later in the day, and both of us are on the forever quest to find the perfect sunset spot up here…. the perch wasn’t that great as it had some trees in the westward direction that somewhat blocked the view. Scott knew a place a little further up (or down rather… going south, even though going higher in elevation) that he had been to before and should be a good view, so we headed that way. It was just before the highest elevation point on the BRP, about 5500 ft here where we stopped

    Sun started going down FAST!

    Photographer in action, lol

    Still would have been better with a few light random clouds in the sky, I think

    After the sun went down it gets COLD on the BRP, lol. So we hung out for a bit then decided to start our 3 hr trek back home in the dark. Luckily going down in elevation, it got warmer as we went. I’m not sure how cold it was on the BRP, but by the time we got home it had def warmed up, and it was 42 when I got home. The BRP is generally about 10-15 deg cooler than at the lower elevations (awesome in the summer time!)

    Sunday Scott wanted to go over to Cathys Creek Motocross track cuz they were having an open practice session and the track is like 8 miles from his house (they only do open practice like 3 times a year at this track). So we loaded his KX 450 in the truck and headed over there

    Waiting for the quads to finish….

    Neither of us had been to this track before, so not really sure what to expect on the turnout. Well it turned out to be PACKED!! They combined almost all the groups and sizes into one group (125’s to 450’s, 2 strokes, 4 strokes… A/B/C groups…. all in one). The only separate groups were the kids… 85cc group and 65 cc groups, and the quads. So needless to say it was a complete zoo on the track. Later in the day they split it up that the fast guys went first in their own group, but there was only a handful of them so the novice group was still almost just as big. Scott went out for a short time then came back in, said screw it too many people to learn a new track. I couldn’t get the whole track in one pic… this prob isn’t even half the people that were out there

    So after we hung out for awhile, we loaded everything back up and headed back to the house. Unpacked everything and decided to head out for another street ride (with an extra hour of daylight!). Took him on some other local twisties that he hadn’t been on yet. Didn’t snap too many pics as it was getting late and dark so we didn’t stop too much

    We had a great time…. awesome weekend for being on 2 wheels!!

    On a side note…. I think I could do some serious damage up on the BRP with a GOOD camera (DSLR) and wide angle lens…. there’s so many awesome photo ops that just don’t come out the way I wish they would. All these were from my phone but looked much better in person, lol

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    That dirt track looks ridiculous!!! I want to rip the shit out of it so badly.. Too bad there were so many people, that’s frustrating.. especially when trying to learn a new track.. someone always ends up hurt.

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    nice dude, why cant I have friends that like to ride as much as you? lol…

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    very cool pics man!

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    @thirdgenlxi I know what you mean on the pics not being the same as in person. I’m from Alaska and we go hiking up here and you just don’t quite get the awe inspiring feeling from the pic as when your standing there. You can see how beautiful your area is though…

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