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    My buddy Scott and I went out again sunday for another awesome day in the woods at Brown Mountain. Had a great time once again, took some crazy new trails we didn’t go on the last time, and I even went the entire day without any spills, lol (well ok I did have one crash, but I wasn’t on the bike at the time so I won’t count that, lol)

    Anyways… all loaded up and ready to go. Forecast calling for low 70’s, sunny and 0% chance of rain. Perfect!

    First trail we did was #10. It was rated as ‘easy’ on the trail map, but the sign when we got there said ‘more difficult (the trails are rated easy, moderate, and difficult). So I’m not sure which one it was ‘supposed’ to be…. wasn’t too bad though. I remembered my little rubber clip for the GoPro this time, so no annoying clicking noises, haha. And again this is Scott riding the Kawi, I’m behind on the KTM

    Then down trail 4…. I was kinda surprised this was a two way trail

    Then up trail 2…. this one was pretty crazy, lots of big roots everywhere, and up towards the top the trail just kinda disappeared into a big rock cave and we got lost for a bit, lol

    Had to bust out the map here and try and figure out where we were and where to go, as the trail markings disappeared. We weren’t sure if we had somehow gotten off the trail and onto one of the old unmarked trails or what (there are quite a few of those here)

    After a little backtracking and a detour around the rock cave, we finally found our way out, went back to the truck and grabbed some lunch, then headed out again. This time down trail 3, which was craziness. It’s marked as ‘most difficult’, and was very tight and nothing but loose sand almost the entire way. Definitely wore me out, even though I’m still turtle slow, haha

    It seemed like an eternity before we got to the end of 3, but then jumped on 1B, a favorite for both of us! Def one of the fastest trails there, and seemingly very easy (even though it’s rated as moderate??). Pay attention arond 4:15 for Scotts little ‘oops’ with the big mud puddle, lol

    Stopped to take a little break and snap a few pics at the end of 1B before jumping on trail 8 to head back to the truck

    Trail 8 is a nice wide easy trail… good for at the end of the day for a kind of relaxing ride back, lol

    Was getting late in the day and the sun was going down, so jumped on trail 8 and headed back

    And made it back just in time before the sun went down

    Once again, had a GREAT time! This was only my 4th time out so I’m still pretty slow, but definitely getting A LOT more comfortable, and getting faster little by little but not pushing it, especially riding Scotts bike. He still had to help me out in a few of the nasty spots, but I’m getting there, lol

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