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    Hey Tim thanks for the welcome! My reply comes late as well so my apologies. My F3 is the original Sparling Red and I was that person who said, “Never will I own a red vehicle.” but when I first saw her that was all it took. I’ve wanted an F3 since they first came out, I had a ’86 Suzuki GS1100E way back then and although I enjoyed the more relaxed ergonomics of the Suzuki all I could think of was that steel horse F3. It took quite a few years, not only to get back on a bike, but to have the bike I’ve wanted for 20 years and in flawless condition. I have a bunch of photos of my dear on my page here or check out my IG page @appenderyphotography. I try not to load up 100’s of pics on forum servers to keep them unclogged. Your touring destiny’s sound like a blast. I still busy finding every twisty turny road in California’s Sierra Nevada this summer but may make a run to Colorado here soon to visit my brother and his family. Denver at a mile high will definately have me tuning my carbs…

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    Hey Drew, no worries for late reply lol.

    Seen your pics now and your F3 looks awesome!! Never seen one in red over here (maybe it’s a US option) – seen red and bronze stripey ones though.

    Shh, don’t tell anyone but I’ve just bought another one in yellow&black so now I have 2 the same; mad I know but method in my madness – due to panel damage on my original F3 fairings I’ll be swapping panels between the 2 to get 1 good bike then will put my Chinese fairings on the other which makes TWO good bikes :)

    Finally I’ll sell either or both depending on my finances and musculo-skeletal health (sportsbikes give me back ache these days; it’s a sign of age I know!)

    P.S. I bought the Chinese fairings only earlier this year with the intention of replacing all the panels on my damaged bike but then decided to keep the bike ‘original’ by trying to get OEM fairings but getting the right ones in good condition ain’t easy sadly…

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)

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