I hope this guy gets beat to death in prison

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    If his spider bite defense holds up in court we are all doomed.

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    I posted this and went on a rant on my Facebook wall. This guy should be laid out on the road and ran over. What he did in my mind is attempted murder. What’s sad is there is NO reason for people to do this yet it happens all the time. A very real problem that us bikers deal with and have to think about every second we’re riding. Like I’ve always said about these types of actions or road ragers, if you don’t like how someone is riding/driving let them go by and call the cops. No reason for possibly taking lives due to your prejudice. SMH

    If I recall @jules just had a road raged cager mess with her for zero reason. Very saddening that people are so malicious.

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    I saw this and was pissed.

    I was on the highway once with a stunt riding friend… we weren’t doing anything at all (surprisingly).. cruising around 70.. speed limit 65. All of the sudden the person in front of us brakes so hard it was like he pulled the e-brake. Skid marks on the road and all. Went from 200 yards in front of us to right in front of us.. QUICK. So we switch lanes and find out that he’s on his cell phone and either dropped it or was texting and didn’t realize he was drifting off the road.. or something.

    My buddy yells at the guy since he has his window open to stop texting and concentrate on driving.. the guy proceeds to try and chase down my buddy, going behind us.. in front.. on the side.. all at 60-70mph all over the road screaming about our rice rockets.

    Some people are just cunts.

    I love his spider excuse.. oh and the “i dont care” attitude.. if I was the rider that didn’t go down.. that MF would absolutely get a punch square in the face.. regardless of age.

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    That guy showed zero remorse for almost killing those 2. I hear he is facing serious time. good!

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    I agree that the car’s action looks like it was intentional and I would charge him with as many felonies as I could but the cop in me also sees that both motorcycles were riding in the opposing lane against a double solid yellow. . .here in Virginia that alone would be considered reckless driving. .that doesn’t excuse what the car did but we had 2 fatal head on mc vs car collisions last year where the mc passed on double solid yellow and met a car. . .both riders died on impact. . .just be careful out there guys and girls when riding. . .

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