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    ..and would definitely have one in addition to a main bike, they just look great and are loads of fun.

    They have quite a cult following too, check out the Grom forum. Some of those guys write and say ‘I own a Yamaha R1 or a ZXR1400 but I much prefer just jumping on the Grom and heading to the shops or a friend’s house’.

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    Sort of like a modern take on a monkey bike, they do look so cute and really quite chunky in the flesh.

    I would love to have a go on one:-)

    I think it would be fun for flying around town on…lol

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    Get one Jules, although the name Grom sounds like something from a Horror movie & Grom usually has a humped back. I often wish I had a 2nd smaller bike to jump on for the local stuff. Riding through the burb’s can be very tiring & not to great for the over all health of bigger bikes. although pretty spoiled these days with cooling. And lets face it, those little buggers can be so much fun. I started my biking life on those little bikes, biggest bikes around at the time where the Brits (Norton & Triumph) & Harleys of course. And isn’t riding supposed to be fun. My 1st bike was a 100cc Suzuki.

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    I like my 250, most times more then either of my liter bikes. Very nimble and easy to ride around town. The smaller cc bikes are just as much fun if not funner then the RR’s of the world. The are very forgiving, you dont have to really worry about over powering in a corner, light and very very flick-able. Change your sprockets and the Grom will even wheelie, a friend had one and he loves it. If your really interested take one for a spin, but be ready to take it home after your test ride.

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    I think I would love to putt around on the Grom but I do get on the freeway quite a bit. I think for a smaller bike, if I made a purchase, I would have to go with one of the 300’s.

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