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    Hello! My name is Tommy. I’m riding out of the mountains of North Carolina. I bought my first sports bike about a month ago. It is a 1999 CBR 600 F4.

    It had a few problems when I bought it. It needed a new chain, new brakes, had no tag light, has no front turn signals, and the person put cheap front fairings on it. As I dug into it more, I noticed some missing bolts in the fairings, and a hidden crack.

    Since I’ve bought it, I’ve put new chain and sprockets on it. I went with a 520 conversion, with a red chain. Put new brakes on it. Put new E3 spark plugs, and some other regular maintenance stuff. Put a HID headlight in it.

    Here she is! Mine is the red bike, and the yellow bike is my best friends.

    She has some other problems, but I’ll save that for another thread!

    Safe riding y’all!

    1999 CBR 600 F4 - Rocket Red is her name!

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    Welcome and go #teamred! I had a F3 & F4 and were super comfy and fun to ride. Very forgiving but my 2000 had a ton of issues and found an interested buyer and got my 04RR for a steal. I love the F series Hondas and will hopefully find a another good one, one of these days. Glad to see you made it here and make yourself a part of the fam! Uh and more pics please! Eye candy is always welcome :wink:
    Here is a pic of my old F4

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    Welcome. I had an F4i for years, loved it. Glad to have you on board. There are a few people here that really know that F4 well, any questions post it up. We love guessing games!

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    Hey there Tommy, and welcome to the forum … good luck with working on the rest of the bike and just keep posting up as there are lots of gurus in here who know their bikes :-)

    Take care out there :-)


    When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then the world will know peace...

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    Welcome to the forum! Out of curiosity, what chain and sprockets did you go with for the bike?

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    Pittsburgh, PA
    2001 Honda CBR 929RR Respol Edition

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    Here is the latest picture of her!

    I went with Superlite RS7 520 sprockets, with a red EK 520 chain. I’ve been very happy with it so far!

    I’m glad y’all love guessing games. This bike has been a mystery. I bought it, knowing it needed a little TLC. I like tinkering and working on things. I’m also a Do-it-yourselfer kind of guy. I rather not go to the stealership if I can help it.

    Here is the current problem I’m having!

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys! I’ve been reading around the forum some, and believe I’ll be making my stay here!

    Do y’all have any smaller RideCBR stickers I could put on my bike?

    1999 CBR 600 F4 - Rocket Red is her name!

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    Hey @cbrtom – Welcome to the site! Post up if you have any questions.

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    Hey guys, another new one to the group. Just started this life on two wheels a couple months ago and so far, I love it. Aside from Hurricane season here in Florida. -_- I ride a 2013 250r. Nothing fancy. I’m brand new to all of this soooo I’m sure I’ll have plenty of questions for you guys soon enough ☺ Cool Runnings

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    Welcome to the forum @knyne
    A new member within another members new member thread, well that’s new but entertaining so I’ll roll with it.

    Nice bike. You may need to install some skis to the bottom to ride in all that rain you guys are getting.

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