Petrol in oil no compression

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    Hi all. Please could someone help with this problem. I’ve searched for an answer but none seems to be able to advice. I have a 2006 cbr125 which ran well until it decided to dump petrol into the engine oil. The bike had been stored for six months with me just starting it up occasionally. I checked the oil one day and an oil/petrol mix gushed out from the filler neck.

    I’ve cleaned the carb/ needle jet etc. and checked the petcock for faults (both are fine) changed the engine oil but now there’s a new problem. The bike doesn’t seem to have any compression and will not fire up when turned over.

    Any suggestions as to why no compression? I understand that petrol in the oil wouldn’t have done the engine any good, but to lose all compression after warming the bike at a standstill is hard to understand.

    Thanks very much

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    Try squirting a little oil in the cylinder. It will help the rings seal again.

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