Rear Shock

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    Well guys n gals i own a 1999 RRX and the British press gave it a rough review, especially the rear suspension i.e. its undersprung making this model more a sports tourer than a sports bike…i have to agree cos my shock is knackered in fact it was knackered /worn out at only 26k miles…so any sugestions on a good replacement?…over here we have a few to choose from such as Ohlins etc but they are mega bucks!! anyone know of any other shocks from other makes that can be grafted onto the RRX?…yamaha R1 aint no good too soft…ive been looking at Hagon and Nitron shocks but they still quite expensive..its that or get the old Showa shock re-built but is it worth the the bother?

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    if you rebuild your stock one can it be resprung with a higher rate spring? If so is it cheaper than the other options?

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    I asked a buddy of mine at work because he knows everything about those bikes.. He said that a “pukka shock” can be bought as a rebuilt shock for around $200 USD if you can find the right shop that has them or builds them.

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