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    ok so this is my first cbr . my last bike was an 02 R1 with a micron slip on. i bought this 07 1krr with a tb slip on and it is really lacking mid range back pressure . i bought a power tip with the biggest restriction and it sound like crap so i cut it down by 1.25” sounds ok and mid range has improved and lost my loping idle . what slip on are you using? is it building noticeable power ? low,mid,top range? weight loss? fuel management system replaced/ needed to be replaced with slip on?

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    I don’t really know all the details, I just know that I bought my bike with an ART exhaust. Bike idles PERFECT. and sound is just amazing. out of all my dudes who have bikes I think my Art pipe sounds the best. It used to be my cousin with his devil pipe but i was riding with him and mine is standing out more. My Personal opinion. Bike has great power over all.

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    I bought mine with a twobrothers c5 slip on. It has a slight bounce at idle but usually goes away while riding and I ocasionally get some popping. I cant comment on power but im sure it is lighter than the factory stuff it replaced. As for fuel management, I’m on a stock map and running an OEM air filter.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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