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    My little brother was testing my RR, he wants to buy it off me so he was playing with it. The first was 1/2 throttle I was 3/4 throttle on my CB, the 2nd was 3/4 throttle I didnt open it up wanted to see how fast it will pull away.. I ran out of battery for the WOT. The WOT run he left me standing still. The RR 1st gear redlines at 145 KPH my CB redline is 98KPH. Watch in in HD

    We will do another WOT on both bikes soon we both want it on video.

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    I love my RR! I normally just take it easy but the -1+2 makes it real tempting to dip out sometimes. Also pulling out of a turn and WOTing the f out is too much fun. The amount of downward force is just exhilarating. Loved the comfort of my old F3 & F4 but the quickness and response of the RR is too much fun to pass up. And I am only rolling a 600 but the gearing makes it fun for me to run through all the gears.

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    It’s speedy!

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    I know all too well, just how fast the 600RR is, let alone the 1000RR … having owned it six years now I still am amazed how much quicker it is than my F3, which itself is no slouch. I always say to people with older 600’s who want more power, just try a modern 600RR first, you may well be surprised and it may be enough, it was for me. I felt like I had gone out and bought a litre bike in comparison, and it’s not all top end either the 07/08 600RR pulls from nowhere and goes like an express train from just 5,000 rpm in any gear. Great midrange over earlier models :-)

    Top gear acceleration is so strong I’m often looking for another gear not realising I’m already in top!!


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