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    Note: I know my exhaust looks messed up in the pics, I will be shortening it and getting a new cap for it shortly. I know it’s hard to ignore but just try (like a pimple on a smooth face) lol

    First of all I got package from Florida to Texas in like 3 day, so +1 there! Packaging was excellent as always and nothing damaged or any concerns there.

    The pieces are stunning! Super impressed with quality!! The carbon fiber (twill gloss) is nothing short of impressive, just like the reviewed mids I posted earlier. Super light weight, quality, clear coat is thick with nice glossy finish, and carbon fiber has no blemishes or tacky spots.

    The programmable integrated taillight is beautifully made! I got smoked. I’ve had an IT before (cheapo one) and this is another level. There are two plastic pieces that extend off the light to attach securely under rear seat which is awesome! Also they come with plug and play adapters on the wires for super easy install on bike. Every last inch was though of for this set up.

    The extras were the kicker here:
    I got the yoshi lowering kit with it and it has everything plus I believe a few extra pieces. I ended up not needing it because my exhaust was already lowered from back end damage that was an affect of my accident.

    Another extra was the resistors that were included and wire taps for easy connect to wire harness. These slow down the flash rate of the blinkers. They are simple and heat up quickly but get the job done. I ended up not using them as I intend to get the plug and play resistor from TST.

    The last extra that I must mention, a high quality, COLOR install manual with pictures for the light, resistors, and undertail. This may seem simple but really stands out. Oh, and the instructions come with a cutout that you can use to measure your cut on the tail for the IT. Which was way more accurate than trying to measure and cut.

    The undertail was probably the easiest thing I’ve ever installed. It’s literally one screw to secure it. At first this made me nervous but when you install the tail fairing it gets locked in place.

    The IT was just as easy of an install. It clicked right into the tail fairing and fit snugly against undertail. It felt secure enough in the tail fairing but it also attaches to the bike using the tail fairing screw holes and screws. Typically the wires are plug and play from IT to stock harness but I have redone my wires several times so I had to rig it. But to the average person this would be a no brainer install! The programable settings are a small button that’s easy to access and use and the lights are extremely bright especially for the smoked version.

    The fit of both pieces was nothing short of perfect. Highly impressed and highly recommend!

    There are just two issues (rather annoyances) I had that are so minor: the first is that the solo cowl is a much more snug fit, which actually may be a good thing but it takes like half a wiggle now to get it lined up right. The last minor annoyance is that you have to take off tail fairing to uninstall/install exhaust because the tail fairing secures the undertail and the undertail covers the bolt that secures the midpipe to bike. But honestly these are just stupid annoyances that I’ll sacrifice any day for the sleek look and functionality the set up gives.

    As I said in my last review, TST customer service is off the charts! These guys are highly knowledgeable of the products and more than willing to help. I had to call about wiring without the stock harness adapters and Mark was able to walk me through which wires were which and answered every question I had about the set up. Friendly and helpful customer is rare in these times but these guys make sure the customer is satisfied. A++

    The undertail is something I would normally have thought twice about installing but I must say it really brings completeness to the bike and leaves a clean finish that the 600RR lacked. The set up looks extremely sexy with a fully carbon yoshi and I’m more than happy with the purchase, I would not hesitate to purchase again! As always, I’ll update with professional picks from the DSLR on my build thread as bike becomes more complete so stay tuned!

    Quality 10/10
    Fit 10/10
    Shipping 10/10

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    OH MY GOD!!! YOU GUYS SEE HIS EXHAUST!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Joking!! Its not that noticable, I like that under tail and light though!! That is some real trick kit!!!

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