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    I have to question whether a medic would know how to take this thing off your head but otherwise this is Genius!!

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    I would worry about it coming apart in an accident?


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    I would worry about both of your worries.

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    I like it, really like where they are going with it, the no chin strap is a nice feature, but I think you would have to try them on to find the right size for you. To big and it might just come off in an accident.

    @jules I would imagine they have done testing to make sure it doesnt open in an accident, if it did I would imagine you wont survive the accident anyways to hit hard enough to make it open.

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    Interesting, but scary.

    It’s good to try different things, we’ll see how it pans out.

    Any arterial blood flow restriction in the neck wouldn’t be good.

    A completely different sizing system. I just have a bad feeling about it.

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    When i see the racers using these , i will trust it and want one.

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