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    Not to be a gear nazi but this is why you wear a jacket no matter how hot it is …

    Sweat is better than skin grafts. Hope this guy heals.

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    You mean it’s a bad idea to ride like this?

    When I first got my ST I got into a bad habit of being a squid. . . But I came back to my senses and now wear my riding jacket and pants whenever I ride. . . I have never risen my CBR with our full gear though. The ST has that illusion of a cocoon of safety. . .

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    Well sometimes you have to learn by mistakes; I will never forget falling off my bicycle doing about 20 mph downhill (in Richmond Park actually which is in SW London). Wearing only Lycra shorts and a T-shirt offered NO protection against gravel rash and skin loss even at that *relatively* low speed :(

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    I never ride without full gear. It’s just not worth the risk and I prefer not to physically injure myself anymore than necessary.

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