What do you do for a living?

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    At present I am a temporarily retired Construction/Engineering Supervisor for the Calif State Dept.of Water Resources and thinking about starting my own consulting business as well as entertaining offers from engineering firms for a position as a waterway infrastructure construction specialist.

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    Absolutely NOTHING!! And my dream job at the moment is ANY job that I don’t have to commute more than half n hour each way – have been in electronics, IT and technical support all my working life and my last 2 jobs were Toshiba (10 years – Retail support) and NCR (7 years Bank & retail support) – with a few contract jobs in between…

    Seriously my dream job would be related to electronics &/or Astronomy cos they’re both consuming passions but my Mathematics ability (lack of) precluded both as careers sadly.

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    I qualified as a social worker but at the moment I work with young people who run away from home…… My dream job? Probably the job I do now but with better pay, being honest I really enjoy what I do but the pay is rubbish.

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