What would happen if we lost power?

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    There’s been a lot of speculation as to what would happen should there be a permanent power outage. We’d lose so much and possibly end up in anarchy. The thing we don’t realize is how much we have requires electricity. You might think you can get buy with just gasoline, but keep in mind, modern day pumps are electric. Cities would be far worse off, because you’d have all of those people to feed and without refrigeration, we’d have to do what? Eat canned goods till they run out, start farming. Not everyone would resort to those things, but instead stealing from others. Small militias would form to protect what they have. What happens when someone has too much power?

    This was once outlined in the first episode of an old BBC documentary called Connections

    In a not quite similar movie, called “Panic in the Year Zero (1962)” a family flees their home to head to the mountains before a hydrogen bomb hits the city. You see what people might do to survive.

    Anyway, for an updated on these apocalyptic scenarios, J.J. Abrams is coming out with a show called Revolution, where ALL things lose power (cars, planes, the world).

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    I was watching some show, on History channel I think, where they were showing families that were prepared for exactly that type of scenario. They were evaluating there preparedness, it was interesting to see what each group thought was important. There was one group that believed they wouldn’t need guns to protect their farming type “commune” and another that had the whole family trained in a specific job to help each other survive. I believe in being prepared but some people are so paranoid- haha

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    Native Americans lived just fine without electricity. Obviously, we can’t go back to that environment, but if I could get back on the Rez, to my mountain, I’d survive better than most. Sure would suck though, no doubt. Make one of those bike-generators, like the Professor did on Gilligans’ Island. :roll:

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