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    Hey guys, I’m hoping for thoughts from people. I’m getting ready to put my bike away for winter, I’m storing it in my friends garage. He uses Sta-bil in his bike for a fuel stabilizer…I was speaking with a rep from revzilla who mentioned that he switched to using Star Tron last year and loves it.

    I didn’t know if anyone here would have specific experience either way with their bikes and if they preferred one over the other. Star Tron markets itself as a better option, but I don’t actually know if it makes any difference. Anyone have any input on what they use when they store their bikes for the winter?

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    My post will probably be of zero use to you but fwiw I’ve never done anything to mine in past 20 years when storing for winter and never had any issues. Even left gas in it. Of course YMMV depending on your weather extremes and winter duration. Now on to an actual more useful reply …. :crazyeyes:

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    If you do choose to use an additive, make sure that you run it until the additive can get into the carbs/injectors.

    How long are you storing it for?

    Don’t forget to keep the battery charged. Best if you disconnect it from the bike for the long haul.

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    I never used to use anything for years, although I do frequently start my bikes over winter, even so they went a couple of months here and there without being touched. I bought my F3 new in 1998 and she ran perfectly every year until 2012 when she got a bit fluffy on the idle and a bit hesitant at low revs.

    I stripped the carbs and found lots of gummy deposits and blocked idle jets, I renewed the pilot jets in the end as I couldn’t get them clear enough. When it was all back together she ran like brand new again.

    So, it seemed to take many years to gradually get blocked and I don’t want to strip the carbs off and rebuild again anytime soon, and so now I buy Seafoam off Ebay and put a half can of it into each bike and run them until hot and the Seafoam is fully in the carbs and injectors.

    I have had no problems since but then again it took years for my first problems on the F3, although to be fair the F3 hardly got any use during that previous period due to a rebuild so it was laid up a long while.

    How effective Seafoam actually is I don’t know, I just take it on faith (it’s well known, established) that they say it helps stop carbs/injectors blocking up over lay up periods…I probably put a lot more in than they say just to be sure too :-)


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    I’ve used seafoam before.. probably will this year. Can’t hurt and nothing bad every happened when I used it.. so why not. $10 and a tiny bit better peace of mind in my eyes.

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