How to use Mentions & NEW Hashtags on RideCBR has a Mention System in place for users to notify other members. To use this, simply type an @ sign, and then the member’s username. Example: @admin. This will trigger a notification for that member, for them to see a topic faster, answer a question, etc.

We now have a new system for hashtags on This is mainly for the Motorcycle Picture Game on our Honda CBR Forum, but can be used on the majority of our community. I’ve introduced HASHTAGS to RideCBR’s forums, activity streams, blog, and comments.

When you hashtag, #teamblack #teamred #teamyellow or anything in general, it will link those words to a search of those words. Example: #teamblack gets you a search page of anyone that mentioned #teamblack.

Post here if you have any questions, or to test our mention or hashtag features.

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