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This is a member review for @motorcyclefairingsrus by @thebearded1 – Thanks for writing this up and letting other members and visitors know about the company and their product quality.

“First off, many thanks to the Stephen Warde from for his assistance and offering me an oppurtunity to do this review. Now, on to the nitty gritty of it all….

The numbers: Customer Service – 10 out of 10, Stephen has been on point with all email communication. I did not ask for any extras such as more clear coat or more heat shielding. The website I found was easy to navigate, informative, well laid out and has links for using PayPal and credit card transactions. Shipping was free to the United States as well as many other countries. The initial email and order was done on July 21, and I recieved a shipping notice on July 30. August 4, I had a box from overseas sitting in my kitchen. Packaging was great, no damage to the box or the contents.

Each item was separately wrapped, very well I might add.

Naturally, I inspected and photographed each piece. Found no major issues.

Installation – 9 out of 10. A couple pieces had to be finessed into place – as expected. The tail went on actually easier than expected.

The nose was quite easy after swapping out my internals and mirrors

Mids and belly pan did have me scratching my head, but that’s no fault of the manufacturer

The front fender mounting holes needed to be drilled out for the bolts to through, not a huge ordeal, but just a heads up….

Fit and Finish – 8.5 out of 10, The paint job is absolutely beautiful. Online pics dont do it justice.

The reasoning behind the 8.5 is as follows….The windscreen isn’t a perfect fit

I plan on taking it off and elongating the holes at some point to see if I can get it down closer to the third eye

There wasn’t quite enough paint/clear on the trailing edge of the nose fairing

and at the corner where the mids, uppers and nose all come together

After my initial ride – only a couple times around the block, the bottom of the mids popped loose…I can try to see if I can get them to go together a little better later

Othe than those, all my lines are pretty straight, including the air dams on the front and the solo cowl.

Also, I could not get the upper to line up with both tabs under the tank cover, both sides are identical. So it may be something I have mis aligned. I might try to re-do them and fit better.

The flat black plastic bits – rear hugger, exhaust shield and the filler between the seat and front of the tail, I repainted myself with a high gloss plastics paint. Made for a much nicer look, IMO.

All in all, I’d go a 9 out 10 for an overall experience with I would most definitely recommend them to anyone looking to replace their fairings. If I never need to replace mine – this is the company I would go with. I will come back and update my review periodically as time goes by to rate the durability of the paint and overall appearance.“

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    hmm how would you compare the quality (flex etc) of the plastic to the oem honda fairings (if you had those originally) ? fitting is obviously good from your review save for a few points but that’s more than acceptable for the cost

    i’m getting aftermarket fairings soon but i’m reading alot of criticism regarding the quality of abs plastic vs the fiberglass (iirc) used in stock fairings. problems like melting, and even flexing in the wind in some cases!


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