• drewz97cbr600f3 posted an update 2 years, 6 months ago

    After doing a lot of research and reading I took a leap of faith and mod’d my V&H SS2R exhaust. Used the middle of the hanger mount asa guide and with the factory 7′ of can towards the exhaust manifold being exactly that I made a clean cut of ~4-5″ to shorten the overall cam. The factory baffle was cut down accordingly and I repacked the can slightly looser than the original packing. I took a quick spin around my city and I can feel a noticeable difference off the line as well as quick shifting through 1-4 gears and my bike has a more guttural display of sound when rolling into the throttle than before. Louder, but not too loud and no backfires as of yet. It will be interesting to me to see the pre-tune readings of the carbs when I get my sync tuner. I’ll upload some pics of my mod soon.