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    @twowheel16 said:
    Nice bike. As far as customizing I guess that depends on your budget. But there’s lots of “add ons” that will make your bike feel more like unique. Fender eliminator, windscreen, axe the mirrors or get a different shape of mirror, maybe with the integrated lights. Brake/clutch levers…. the list goes one. And obviously the more you have to spend the more unique it can be. But if you don’t plan on keeping it long I wouldn’t put too much into it. Just opinion

    Thanks, I actually got a slip on exhaust for it because the bike is really quiet and for safety reasons I want to be heard when I’m coming down the street. And obviously for looks also. Just waiting to get it in the mail

    I want to get the mirrors with the turn signals on it, but the only ones I’ve found are the ones that go on the grips? And I dunno how I feel about those…Any suggestions?

    • I actually only have a grip mirror on my clutch side. I like it. I did have the integrated light/mirror on my 600 and I liked that too. No mirrors look a little sleaker but the grip mirror does kind look like it’s just sticking of the bike…. which it is.