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    94f2-08rr @xdcycle I have a question about a product purchased a few years ago. Thought I'd try to contact you through here first in the event someone else was experiencing the same problem.
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    bambam @74demon Hey Brother, I wanted to drop you a line here about the 929 group, I have been so busy with my new job and everything else I've got going , I haven't been able to post much anymore, still lurk when I get a chance, but I wanted to offer you to be the admin of the 929 group , I know it's not too active but I don't want to miss a new member or a question. Your always on here and I think you would be able to do more with it than I can. Anyways , hope all is good with ya, drop me a PM , no pressure, if ya don't want any of it that's cool too. Peace man, Bambam
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    crf4i weather dont turn on me yet...
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    jmac1724 Joseph posted a new picture
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