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    Heres as pic from right after i bought it. I couldnt help but just take pictures. So old but holds so much style. CBR pic plain1

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    • that’s one sick bike. i’m new to the whole bike movement, purchased my first bike two weeks ago. what year is your bike?

    • Thank you @foreigninvasion89 It’s a 1999 CBR600F4. The ’00 F4 was the last of the carburated beasts. The F series CBRs were ahead of their time

      • @lemarck234 that’s a nice machine mate!
        Yours is also the first of the alloy frames I believe? I’ve got the ’98 F3 which obviously has the carbs too but a bit heavier with a steel frame. Also yellow too but the left side is her best side lol

        • thx @saturnv i like the yellow ha. Wasn’t my first choice, but it stands out.. The F4 is definitely light on its feet!

          • Yep they sure don’t hang around do they?! I was pleased when one of my friends who has recently bought a CB650 (for 3 times what I paid for mine) tried it and was surprised at the acceleration compared to his!!
            Just take it easy on the bends man – don’t copy me and fall off :(