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  • Hi all. New here but need some help if possible. I recently passed my test and bought my uncle’s 2001. Y reg cbr 600. I think there is a problem with the charging system. He said it was dead because he hadn’t used it for a while. So jumped started it and it ran fine (Monday 30th Nov). Started fine Tuesday morning and I rode it 110 miles trouble…[Read more]

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    • Sounds like your charging system. Check your regulator/rectifier and/or stator. Do you need help in locating either?

      • Hi thanks for your reply. I took it to the garage and they went over everything with a multi meter and assured me it was battery as reg/rec was sending charging but battery was still losing it slowly. Have a had a new battery put on Thursday and seems fine so far. If it happens again in traffic like last time I will try the others that you…[Read more]

        • *I’ve read up on them I meant *

          • So took it to two different garages to check charging system both have said its not the charging system. Took the panels and tank off yesterday. Other than a really cruddy looking earth wire (dirty and had a bit of rust on) couldn’t see anything that looked out of place or anything. Cleaned up the earth wire and rubbed of the bit of rust forming.…[Read more]

            • Hi @newtobiking79,
              Just seen your post (I’m a little slow lol). Did you get the problem sorted yet? You’re right to say that there do seem to be faulty voltage regulators on these bikes, but with any bike or vehicle that hasn’t been driven for a while the immediate suspect would be a flat or faulty battery. Lead acid batteries like (need) to…[Read more]

    • Also, if you post on the Forums, more people will see it to hopefully help you out with this or anything else.

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