• saturnv posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    @michaelmartin Hi Michael, welcome to the forum! I’m one of the few UK based members..

    Guess you’re based in U.S.?

    I’ve owned 2 1997 CBR600F3s and their amazingly good bikes in my opinion; lovely engine and the carb fuelling combined with Honda’s Direct Air Induction makes for such sweet & smooth (& totally LINEAR) power delivery!!

    Just sold one with 48,000 miles but keeping my original one (only 15,000). The one I sold I refurb’ed by fitting Chinese fairings which looked great (pics to follow) but I prefer the look of the original panels, personally.

    How much mileage has your bike done? Guessing it’s high if the clutch is slippin?? Either that or it could have been abused by a previous owner…

    Enjoy the Summer while it lasts – we’re having a heat-wave in the UK this year ;-)