• spiritofkaos1 posted an update in the group Group logo of Military Riders!!!!Military Riders!!!! 7 years ago

    air force. e-5. 9 years in august. OIF 2010, OEF 2012 (got back in march).

    • Welcome back! I got back Feb 4th

    • What is your AFSC?

    • dubv replied 7 years ago

      Welcome home.

    • WELCOME HOME! why are you an E-5 if you’ve been in for 9 years? just wondering..

      • @atx 2T271
        @mac i got into a little bit of trouble a few years back. right before i was supposed to put on tech. needless to say, that didn’t happen, thankfully i didn’t get reduced. i’ll be putting on tech this year though.

    • sorry i didnt answer this before i was all over the middle east. I was in Kuwait for a little then i moved to camp leatherneck in afghan, then back to kuwait then Quatar and Oman then finished my year in Kuwait.