Miveu POV Camera System the new Go Pro for Sportbikes?

Do you think this will be popular with sportbike riders instead of a go pro camera? I’d probably buy this, IF i had an iphone.. Thought i’d sharethis cool new option to having a go pro camera for your crazy youtube sportbike videos.

It takes two hands to leap tall buildings

What do skydiving, mountain climb, boxing, paddy cake, and two-handed arm waving have in common? You need two hands to do them! When you’re in the Australian outback and a kangaroo just picked a fight, you’ll need to film your brawl, but you also need both fists to punch with. It’s quite the conundrum when you embark on a two-handed adventure and you don’t have a friend to film it. With the Miveu-X iPhone Case and Chest Mount, you can knock some sense into that arrogant kangaroo jerk and have the ability to show the cops when he presses charges!

The Miveu-X is a rugged iPhone case that clips right onto the back of your phone. It comes with a replaceable wide-angle lens and a 360º ball joint that you can attach to your chest. The integrated shutter button enables start and stop recording without removing the iPhone. When you’re free climbing Everest, the high impact cover, elastic straps, and flexible chest plate make it easy to film your endeavors. You can even tilt the camera upward toward the summit or straight into the rock to hide the fact that you’re actually just climbing the hill in your backyard and pretending it’s Everest. Get the Miveu-X today and start getting it all on film!

Product Specifications
•Rugged, high impact iPhone cover for filming your adventures
•Custom, replaceable, adjustable wide angle lens
•Custom MIVEU lens expands your view to 2x normal iPhone video
•Elastic straps and flexible chest plate make it comfortable to wear
•Adjustable angle base for the perfect shot
•Great for Cycling, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, roller coasters, sword duels, velociraptor polo, and so much more
•Compatibility: iPhone 4 or 4S (all other phones, sorry!)

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