RideCBR.com Official Review: AMPP Motorcycle Cleaning Products

I have always loved the detailing and polishing of vehicles, whether that be my bikes or cars. My dad used to buy and sell classic cars and bikes, and when I was very young he taught me how to detail a vehicle properly. He was always telling me you can polish money into any vehicle. It doesn’t matter what jobs need doing or what restoration work is required, if the car is shiny and properly detailed, then it sells for more money and easily. Indeed it was the polishing and cleaning of vehicles I enjoyed the most … I really took to it and in the end even dad called me a ‘fussy knickers’ ..lol I just loved taking a dull older car and spending all day cleaning and polishing it inside and out, to some it’s work, to me it was simply therapeutic, free and easy to do but such startling results when done properly.

So, when Admin from RideCBR.com sent me these new products from AMPP to test I couldn’t wait to try them out on my bikes as I’m always looking for the ultimate shine, something that gives me a real depth of shine. I love to experiment with different polishes and see what shines the best, the most easily and also will endure.

Here are the three AMPP products on test, from left to right we have the Motosuds, Motoquick, and the Motobuff.

Starting with Motosuds.

AMPP says:
Need the perfect clean? Safely wash away dirt, road grime, fuel spills and acid rain that can slowly damage your motorcycle if not washed off regularly. AMPP™ MotoSuds provides a clear, clean shine while cleansing and conditioning all the surfaces of your motorcycle.
With a near neutral pH level* AMPP™ MotoSuds is safe and gentle to your motorcycle rinsing away dust, dirt and grime. Works in hard or soft water so you get the same results every time, a super clear shine. It’s also biodegradable making it safe for the environment.

So, you can use the Motosuds like any other car or bike shampoo by simply adding a few capfuls to a bucket of warm water and gentle washing the bike’s bodywork with a soft brush. I also wanted to test it’s ability on the more grimy areas of a bike and one of my ways of cleaning a bike this way is to pour some capfuls into a beaker of warm water and use an old soft paintbrush to work the more concentrated cleaner into all the nooks and crannies.
You can see the grimy area on my F3 in the first picture, followed by the application of the MotoSuds and then finally it rinsed off to leave a clean and streak free finish.

Remember you can always use an engine degreaser like Gunk to clean the more grimy or oily bits but I wanted to tests the Motosuds ability on some of the lower dirtier sections of the bike. I think the pics speak for themselves.

F3 before application of Motosuds.

Motosuds worked into the grimy areas with a soft brush.

Finally Motosuds rinsed off to leave a clean, streak free finish.


Once a motorcycle is thoroughly clean and dried off then that is the time to apply the various polishes and conditioners. Just a quick word of advice here from an old ‘fussy knickers’ ..lol, never, ever polish a dirty or a very dusty bike without washing the dirt and grime off first. You are only going to end up scratching the paint with the more hardier bits of grime and even the dust and dirt is going to put those scratchy, swirly patterns in your paintwork that show up in bright light. Polishing is always best done after washing and when the bike has dried.

AMPP says:
MotoBuff is the foundation for an incredible looking motorcycle.
This extreme shine, motorcycle polish formula will deep condition removing any surface contaminants like dust, dirt, tar and fuel residue while filling hairline scratches and swirl marks. This cleansing action smoothes and seals the surface to prevent future damage from extreme sunlight, fuel spills, tar and other damaging elements. All that is left behind is a luxurious shine with supreme depth and clarity.

So, taking the Motobuff and either apply it directly to a cloth and rubbing it in to your paintwork or pouring a drop or two on the paint and then simply rubbing it in until you have a nice even coating on your paintwork. Not too heavy as that is just wasteful of a good product but enough that it dries to a nice milky residue. Once it has had time to dry then simply buff off with a soft cloth to a brilliant shine. It’s very straight forward to use and like any other polish you simply rub it in and buff off to a shine.


Once all the paintwork has been polished and protected in this way then you can use the Motoquick to follow up on the other items like hoses, black plastics, vinyl seats etc to give them a new like appearance too.

AMPP say:
Get a showroom shine between stops with AMPP™ MotoQuik. The simple way to keep that freshly polished look when you’re away from home or want to get on the road fast.
This formula was designed to provide a super clear shine and protection from the daily riggers of riding. Simply spay-on, wipe and buff, and your back on the road. A complete detail solution that’s great for all surfaces including fairings, tanks, windscreens, chrome, leather and vinyl seats, hoses and more!


My conclusion is short and sweet because I’m going to let the pictures of my five year old 2008 CBR600RR do all the talking … but basically AMPP products work, they work well and get the job done. If you are looking for a polish that gives you the ‘ultimate shine’ then look no further than AMPP products.

Here is the Website and all the pictures of my bikes after they have both received the full AMPP treatment.


Click on the images to get a full viewing size in order to appreciate fully the depth of shine achieved using AMPP products.

Finally the 15 year old CBR600F3 back in the garage after the full AMPP treatment.

Review & Pictures by @Juliet – Summary & Rating by @Admin (Both Tested Products Thoroughly)