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nicecycle.com review

I searched high and low online for some Carbon Fiber parts for my 2006 Honda CBR1000RR. Ebay, Amazon, Online Stores.. even a manufacturer in Italy that only spoke Italian via email and forced me to Google Translate everything he said. No fun. Then I found www.NiceCycle.com and I was in heaven. They had a bunch carbon fiber parts, in stock and ready to go, and they were all for my specific year and model. I contacted them and placed my order. The customer service was fantastic.. email responses in a couple of hours, can’t beat it.

You start off my choosing your bike here, then you can see exactly what they have for your specific Honda sportbike. I was shocked  to see how many parts they have, especially for my now 10 year old 1000rr. Like a kid in a candy store, I went nuts and started ordering.

Here are the parts I ordered:

Honda CBR1000RR 2004-2006 Carbon Fiber Exhaust Heatshield

carbon fiber 1000rr

Honda CBR1000RR 04­-07 Heel Guard

carbon fiber 1000rr heal guards

Honda CBR1000RR 2004-2007 Carbon Fiber Side Covers

carbon fiber 1000rr side panels

Honda CBR1000RR 2004-2006 Carbon Fiber Chain Guards

carbon fiber 1000rr chain guards






Shipping & Packaging:

The packaging was excellent. There was definitely enough padding and each piece was wrapped with bubble wrap, white foam material, and clear packing tape. I would rate shipping and handling at a 10/10. Carbon fiber is strong but can break or chip if mis-packaged and shipped. I was glad to see the care put into packaging each piece. Shipping was quick and came with a tracking number.

Product Quality / Design:

Each piece is absolutely stunning. Sometimes carbon fiber pieces are all different colors or have different gloss coats, but not here. Everything looks absolutely fantastic and I was eager to start putting everything on the bike. Here are some product pictures when I was unboxing them, sorry for the garage floor pictures, the bike was torn apart and these came in and I was far too excited not to put them on.

Product Fitment / Installation:

For installation, everything is plug and play. Simply remove the old plastic piece and replace it with the high quality carbon fiber piece. We went through and replaced all of the pieces until we hit a slight snag. The carbon fiber exhaust guard has a small pin that “clicks” into the bike to secure it within a rubber circle. No matter what I did, it just didn’t fit right. Easy enough solution was to hand-sand the pin piece down a bit. After that, it fit perfectly.

Besides the light sanding needed to fit the carbon fiber exhaust guard, everything else was just a simple installation. You have to love parts that make your bike stand out and require minimal work. The carbon fiber is simply amazing to look at and feels 100x stronger than the plastic pieces. Overall Fitment: 9.5/10.

Final Installed Pictures on the 1000RR:

carbon fiber 1000rr parts after installation

carbon fiber 1000rr parts after installation

carbon fiber 1000rr parts after installation

carbon fiber 1000rr parts after installation

carbon fiber 1000rr parts after installation

carbon fiber 1000rr parts after installation

carbon fiber 1000rr parts after installation

Overall I couldn’t be happier. I plan on powder coating the pegs and also getting a carbon fiber swingarm cover kit as well as a rear hugger in carbon fiber to make everything tie in together. Everything is bolted in and looks fantastic.

** For some reason, the pictures of the tank side covers didn’t save. We will post up new pictures of them soon.

Product Price / Value:

The parts reviewed above ranged from $42.73 to $139.62. I researched several companies as well as Amazon and eBay and the prices are either within a few dollars or they are 2-3x higher than on NiceCycle. Carbon Fiber is expensive so expect to spend some money if you’d like to order some. NiceCycle does a nice job of giving a couple of options for each part, so you may be able to price shop the same piece on their website. With that said, the prices are still expensive, so we’re going to give them a 9.5/10 for price and value.

Desirable / Cool Factor:

The cool factor with Carbon Fiber for me is 10/10 every time. The gloss carbon fiber stands out in pictures and shines every time I clean the bike. I always love carbon bits on my bikes and i’m going to continue to order more parts. Glad that NiceCycle has a big selection. 10/10 all the way.

Product Return Policy / Warranty:

From NiceCycle:

All returned items must arrived in their original condition, un-mounted and free of defects. Returns are subject to our specific time frame alotted for returns (see below). Return shipping is the at the expense of the customer. There is a 20% restocking fee on all returned items.  Cancellations or orders that are in progress, and cancelled by the customer will be subject to a 20% restocking/handling fee.

I’m not a fan of the 20% fees, but I can understand where they are coming from. They also say:

Here at NiceCycle we are dedicated to making sure your purchase is a satisfying one! If there are any issues with your purchase please contact us so we can do what it takes to make it right and get you back out on the road!

The vibe I got from the guys at NiceCycle was positive and they were very quick to respond to anything I asked. I wouldn’t be surprised that if an issue did come up, they would take care of it. Giving them a 9.5 simply for the restocking and other 20% fees which seem a bit steep if the product is un-used.

Company Customer Support:

Emails were responded to the same day, usually within a couple hours. All emails were detailed and very helpful. Once the order was placed, an email came to confirm the order, and a tracking number was sent a couple days later. Can’t complain at all. I will be a return customer for sure and have already recommended their carbon fiber products to others. 10/10.


All the parts look awesome and I get compliments from everyone that looks at them. The gloss shines like crazy and the parts have already been washed 4-5 times throughout this past season. NiceCycle has 1000s of parts in stock for Honda CBR Sportbikes and their Carbon Fiber Parts selection is second to none, that I have found. If you’re looking for Carbon Fiber Parts (or frankly any parts) for your ride, check them out at www.NiceCycle.com.

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