RideCBR.com Official Review: TST Industries HALO-1 Turn Signals

My Project ’06 1000RR came to me with a TST Industries Integrated Tail Light but for some reason the previous owner thought it was a good idea to buy ebay turn signals. Not only did they look bad (super orange).. they were barely visible. Unless someone was behind me, they couldn’t see that I had my turn signals on at all. Super frustrating at times. To solve my problem, I called up TST Industries to see which signal lights they recommend.

They recommended their 06-07 Honda CBR 1000RR HALO-1 Aftermarket Turn Signals.

One of the coolest features of these signal lights are the halo effect that they have. You can choose a standing color and then when you signal, the color changes to orange and lights up the night. You can choose from smoke lens or clear and up to four color options.

I decided since the demon eyes in the headlights are blue, that I wanted the blue halo light and amber turn signals.

This is what they looked like when they arrived:

Product Packaging / Shipping:

Shipping took 2 days to arrive. You can customize these with several different colors and for a “custom” item to ship and deliver in a couple days was amazing. The package was packed tightly with wrap and very secure. 10/10 all day.

Product Quality / Design:

The product quality is fantastic. The plastic is very hard, the LED lights are SUPER bright (can’t emphasize this enough, they are very very bright), and the connectors are plug and play. TST Industries goes above and beyond with their products, even adding a small TST Industries logo in each light so you know you don’t have some ebay knockoff brand. For the product quality, we’re going to give them a 10/10.

Product Fitment / Installation:

When I ordered I was warned about over-tightening the lights to the fairings. When I opened the package, there was a small piece of paper that also warned me not to over-tighten the lights to my fairings. Apparently this is a recurring problem where people want to screw them in extremely tight and they break the light. This didn’t happen with me, just a hand tightening and they have been very secure since installation.

To install, simply remove your fairing, unplug your existing turn signal, unscrew the existing turn signal, and bolt in the new light. Plug the new TST turn signal in, and re-install your screws. Put the fairing back on and you’re good to go. Doesn’t get easier than this. Installation time total was less than 30 minutes.

I noticed that there was a small gap at the top of the turn signal light. I contacted TST and they let me know that these are made for the 600rr but they work almost perfectly with the 1000rr. With the small gap on top they recommended some clear silicone to fill in the gap. I filled in the top with some silicone and you can’t tell that there is silicone there, it all looks like one unit. This may be why some people over tighten as they try to somehow get it to fit flush and break off a screw. Be careful when installing and take your time. Overall rating for Fitment / Design is 9/10, they are awesome to look at, but having to use silicone to finish them off knocked down the grade a bit.

Product Price / Value:

These bad boys are not cheap. They retail on their website for $75.99. Immediately when I saw the price I compared the price in my mind to the $19 ebay turn signals from China, but these turn signals cannot compare. The Halo standing light, color options, and for the brightness/safety factor, these are well worth the price. After having them on my bike, I will never go with another turn signal again, but since they are turn signals over $75, we’re going to have to rate the Price / Value at a 8.5/10.

Desirable / Cool Factor:

I never thought I would desire turn signals. Usually it was just something I grabbed on ebay for a few bucks, slapped them on, and never thought about them again. But once you install these, your bike’s cool factor goes sky high. Not only does the halo light stand out when you’re parked.. when you’re moving and signal, you literally light up the entire road. Rating 10/10.

Product Return Policy / Warranty:

These come with a 1 year warranty.

From TST Industries:

Orders can be cancelled so long as they have not been shipped. You must send a cancellation request to support@tstindustries.com or call our office before your order ships. We will accept returns up to 30 days after the date of purchase. Please check that your order is complete and all items are working properly within 30 days. There will be no returns, lens color exchanges, or missing item replacements outside of this 30 day window.

For me, that’s good enough. If you have to cancel.. they will do it. If you have an issue, they will fix it. Perfect, 10/10.

Company Customer Support:

TST Industries sets the bar for customer service in this and my past experiences. Phone calls answered immediately. Emails answered almost immediately. Answers given are descriptive and you can tell that when they talk to you they actually care. Send them the problem you are having or what you are looking for and i’m sure they will point you in the right direction. They also listen to their customers and BUILD new parts for newer model bikes and they are always innovating. 10/10.

Final Installed Pictures:

** More HD Pictures and HD Product Videos will be added soon!

Until we add higher quality photo shoot pictures and videos, here are some product shots from TST’s online store:


These are plain cool. Every time I am at a show, the blue halo lights match perfectly with my headlight standing light, and I get compliments all the time. When i’m riding at night, the road is lit up with my flashing turn signals. People IN FRONT of me can see that I want to turn since the entire road is lit up. If you have the money for them, these turn signals are an awesome custom upgrade to the stock or other aftermarket turn signals or even for safety purposes.

Check out www.TSTindustries.com for more info.

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