CLOSED – RideCBR’s 9th Contest – SPY 5000M LCD Alarm System

CLOSED – RideCBR’s 9th Contest: SPY 5000M LCD Alarm System

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As all of you should know, RideCBR sponsors donate money or parts to keep RideCBR going. Our sponsors have recently renewed their advertising for at least another month, giving the RideCBR account balance a boost. Because of this, we are giving away yet another amazing prize in one of our giveaway contests. This month, is giving away a SPY 5000M 2-Way LCD Sportbike Alarm System for your 600rr or 1000rr!
This package retails for $199.99 + shipping!!!!
 Advanced remove engine starter, 2-way remote control, LCD display, real time status, 5000 meter range, real time remote alerts, and proximity sensor.

Example Video:

Please make sure you read the rules posted below. If you have any questions, ASK before you enter. For this contest, each entry costs 100 RideCBR points and there is a maximum of 50 entries allowed, plus any social media entries you can use. Please note: RideCBR Points entered in this contest cannot be refunded to your RideCBR account. Once you enter your points, we can’t refund points, so enter with caution.


Contest Rules & Regulations:

1. Posting on the forum, activity wall, or other RideCBR section just to earn points will result in a points fine and possible banning. This includes spam, advertising other forums, or simply posting on every topic just for points.

2. The winner must provide a picture of their CBR, with somewhere in text in the picture. This can be as simple as a piece of paper near your bike. IF YOU CAN’T DO THIS DON’T ENTER!! You don’t need to post this before the contest ends! ONLY THE WINNER MUST SUBMIT THIS BIKE PIC. If you cannot do this after the contest, DO NOT enter the contest. You will not be able to claim your prize.

Good luck to all members.

Post questions or comments in the Honda CBR Forum if needed.

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