RideCBR adds FAQ section for New Members.

RideCBR has added a Frequently Asked Questions section for new members to learn how RideCBR works and how to make the most of our unique functions. We’ll be adding to this list as questions come up, so feel free to either ask questions, or post question/answer combos that you think will help new members of RideCBR.com.

Forum Post to add comments/questions: http://ridecbr.com/topic/new-faq-section-for-new-ridecbr-members/

View the FAQ section here: http://ridecbr.com/ridecbr-faq/

You can either post questions below in the comments section below, in the forum post above, or email us by clicking to contact button in the top menu bar of any RideCBR page. Thank you for your help and being a RideCBR member.

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