RideCBR.com launches a new Honda Sportbike Owner’s Community

Welcome to RideCBR.com. I’ve been a member of a few RR forums for years. Used to own a 600rr and now picking up a 1000rr. Throughout the years, the forums I participate in are becoming more and more annoying. When you have an opinion or question, you get bashed for inexperience. Post an opinion and it’ll start a war filling hundreds of forum pages. In my opinion, threads and comments that are posted on other RR forums and communities are not helping anyone. Honda Sportbike owners need a place to share, learn, and get help if needed. This is why RideCBR.com is now online, to help new RR enthusiasts just starting out, and to share with experienced riders. Let’s create a new community filled with helpful resources, member profiles, and a facebook type set up. Easy communication, a full Honda CBR Forum, and a new community are all online now with much more to come.

We’re exploring options for track days, member meets, group rides, as well as promotional items like hoodies, hats, shirts, and stickers for your bike. We’re also working with RR parts companies to get some contests going on RideCBR.com. Sign up today, it’s completely free, and we’ll have a bunch more in store in the next few weeks.

If you’re already a member, thank you, and please visit the to comment and help suggest new features for RideCBR.com. We are going to be focused on giving you the best new RR community online, and we can’t do it without your help.

8 thoughts on “RideCBR.com launches a new Honda Sportbike Owner’s Community

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    Ive been on a lot of other CBR forums and I have to agree with you. It is filled with people thinking they are the most experienced rider to walk to earth and have to get on everyone else. Im glad I came across this site today. Been on a few hours now and its absolutely awesome. Also a lot friendlier than all of the other forums.

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