RideCBR.com launches the first Honda CBR Classified Marketplace

RideCBR.com launches the first Honda CBR Marketplace for Honda Sportbike Parts! If you haven’t noticed, there is a new section on RideCBR to list your parts for sale/trade or your wanted ads.

View the Marketplace here: http://ridecbr.com/marketplace/

This will replace our standard Honda CBR Forum for sale section in the near future, and new posts will be locked there to have members start migrating their items to the markerplace. Hopefully this becomes a place to find cheaper parts than ebay or online retailers.

There are three types of listings you can post on the Marketplace:

  • Free Basic Listing: This is our basic option for members to list their parts for free. Basic listings allow a 30 day listing with up to 2 product images.
  • Extended Paid Listing: This is our extended paid option for the marketplace. Extended Paid listings allow a 60 day listing with up to 10 product images for only $2.50 per listing, payable via paypal.
  • Business Paid Listing: This is our paid option for business owners to post in the marketplace. Business Paid listings allow a 90 day listing with up to 10 product images for only $5.00 per listing, payable via paypal.

There are no fees to list a basic listing, no insertion fees, closing fees, or percentages of any sales. Business and Extended listing payments will be used as donations to RideCBR.com to improve our servers, pay for hosting, and get more contests/gear for RideCBR.com

RideCBR.com and it’s staff have no way to control transactions here and payments are done off of RideCBR.com on Paypal or in person. Because of this, RideCBR.com and it’s staff cannot be held responsible in any way for transactions that occur between members on RideCBR.com.

All listings are approved by an admin before being listed. This could take 1-24 hours.

Please support any businesses that participate on RideCBR.com and especially in our marketplace. Thank you all for your support and good luck with your sales.

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