Official Review: 06-07 1000RR Fairings


If you’ve ever shopped online for fairings for a sportbike, you’ve probably done the same thing I have. Spending hours searching eBay, online stores, forum reviews, google reviews.. anything you can find to hear an actual person say they have ordered from the company and they received a quality product. There are literally thousands of options online for our project bike.. so I started looking around.

I first stumbled across a few sellers with the same product photos and little to no actual reviews. I’ve personally used Auctmarts and eBay in the past with mixed results.. nothing to write home about.. so to speak. Then I came across a few product pictures from a newer company I had yet to look at.. I took a look at their product pictures and the fairing quality and paint shine looked great in pictures.

I shot them an email and spoke with Shawn, the owner, and placed my order. The main reason I picked was because Shawn was very helpful and timely with responses. I’m a sucker for quick and knowledgable customer service. I asked for a triple black set of their 2006 – 2007 Honda CBR1000RR fairings. I want a super deep black, extra coats.. and TONS of clear. He said no problem, and I waited for an email back.

Product Packaging / Shipping:

About a week after placing my order, I recieved the following pictures from Shawn at

0430-612 Shawn (1)

0430-612 Shawn (2)

If that doesn’t look sexy to you, there is something either very wrong with you.. or very wrong with me thinking motorcycle fairings are sexy. Either way, I couldn’t be happier from the picture and waited eagerly for them to arrive. They ship from China, so I expected it to take 2-3 weeks for delivery of a huge box. Delivery took 4 days from China to Providence, RI, USA. Yes, you read that right.. 4 days. I was blown away when they were dropped off by DHL.

The shipping and packaging were absolutely phenomenal. First, I expected there to be a 2-3 week shipping time.. I got them in 4 days. Then I was worried about the padding and packaging.. these are easy to break and scratch but nope.. everything was perfect. Surprisingly, this is a 10/10.

Initial Product Quality / Design:

The fairings at first glance look amazing. First off, I also noticed that they feel thicker than the eBay kit that was installed by the bike’s previous owner. The paint quality is far superior to other fairing companies I have used in the past. It’s a VERY deep glossy paint. I’m not sure if it was because I special ordered it or if all of the kits come like this, but WOW.. it shines. In some of the pictures you can clearly see the camera with the mirror like finish.

The fairings came also with some bonuses like a Bolt Kit (silver, wish they sent black to match but not complaining), Painted Windscreen, Painted Rear Cowl, 1000rr/CBR/Honda White Decals, Pre-Installed Heat Shield (with extra included on the side), and all of the plastic pieces that you need so you don’t have to use your own.

For initial product quality and design.. it’s a solid 10/10. They look perfect.

Product Fitment / Installation:

Next was the fun part. Installation time. I started by slowly removing all of the eBay fairings that came with the bike.

At this point I had the gas tank on, almost all of the fairings off, and just put on the tail fairing. For anyone that has replaced their fairings or is planning to replace their fairings on a 06-07 1000rr (and a lot of other CBR models) BE SUPER PATIENT AND CAREFUL  with the tail fairing. It’s a VERY snug fit (even stock). I can’t stress enough when doing these to take your time. It’s easy to get frustrated and break something. Next I tucked in the nose fairing, side fairings, bottom fairing.. she was coming together quite nicely.
IMG_3721 IMG_3722 IMG_3723 Everything was going well until I started to run into some minor fitment issues. The nose fairing fit tight.. very tight.. but it fits. Since there is no play in the nose fairing, putting on the side fairings was challenging. One of the tabs broke off of the side fairing with minimal effort when installing. I was still able to install it properly and securely without the top back tap on the side fairing. I thought it was my fault, so I went to install the other side fairing.. the SAME tab on the top of the fairing broke off. It may be because the nose fairing is so tight. I thought it was my fault from too much pressure applied when installing, but it happened on both sides.. which makes me lean toward the tab itself not being strong enough.

The right side middle fairing also directly touches the radiator when installed. I can grind this down a bit, but who wants to do that with new fairings? It barely touches and with some finessing I was able to get it JUST off of the pipe.. still a bit off. The picture makes it look more dramatic since it ground down a bit of fairing, but you can see it touching here:IMG_3730

Also, the rear cowl (pictured in the final installed pictures below) clips in properly but leaves a small gap (yes, i’m that picky about products on my bike, lol). With my previous fairing purchase experiences, I had tons of fitment issues. Here I broke a couple of tabs and one fairing is a tiny bit off (touching pipe) and the rear cowl has a small front gap.. other than that, it went together fairly smoothly and installation wasn’t bad at all. I wish they sent a black bolt kit instead of silver, but she looks much better with the new fairings and the gloss on the paint is shockingly good.

Because the same tab on both side fairings broke, and the fitment of the side fairing isn’t perfect, and the rear cowl gap.. i’m going to rate Fitment/Installation at a 8.5/10 because it still came together well and the end result is great.

Product Price / Value:

This kit is $569 with free shipping. Besides the normal fairing set it also included a painted windscreen, a painted rear cowl, pre-installed and extra heat shield, a bolt kit and all of the plastic trim you need to replace everything on your bike. Since this shipped from China and the box was so damn big, I bet it cost $150 to ship it. So you’re paying around $400 + shipping for custom painted fairings. I’m happy to pay a bit more than eBay for a higher quality product, and that is exactly what you get here. Price / Value rating is a 9/10.

Desirable / Cool Factor:

New fairings are always cool.. especially when it’s triple black with mirror like gloss. Pictures look better.. and your bike will definitely look better. Who doesn’t want their bike to look better? Desirable / Cool Factor: 10/10.

Product Return Policy / Warranty:

SuperBikeFairings is one of the very few Motorcycle Fairing Companies online that has a return policy. If something is wrong, they will work with you to return the product or replace the product for you. They also send you HD pictures before shipping to show you how everything looks. (Great for custom paint work). Their website is currently down for maintenance, so I can’t post their exact Return Policy / Warranty. But I remember it to be solid. Until their website is online to go through their policies, i’m going to give this a 9.5/10.

Company Customer Support:

Shawn at SuperbikeFairings is awesome. He responds almost immediately to an email.. at any time of day. He’s all over social media and online motorcycle forums. I had some questions, he answered them quickly, and didn’t have to wait for a factory response. Customer service is everything these days, and they didn’t disappoint. 10/10.

Final Installed Pictures:

IMG_3794 IMG_3795 IMG_3803 IMG_3805 IMG_3812 IMG_3842 IMG_3843


If you are looking for the absolute cheapest fairings you can find, hit up eBay. You can find a kit for a few hundred dollars shipped and it will be an okay kit. If you’re looking for a higher quality paint, higher quality molding, better fitment, better shipping, etc then SuperbikeFairings is a far better choice. I get compliments on the paint all of the time and it’s held up well through our first season with the kit. I recommend SuperbikeFairings to anyone looking for a fairing kit for their ride.


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