Official Review: 04-07 1000RR LED HID Headlight


Anyone that knows me knows that I love custom touches on my bike. I hate having the same looking bike as someone else.. so when I came across a “Plug and Play” HID headlight from XDCycle, I was immediately sold. Not only can you customize the headlight to your exact look/specifications.. it’s “plug and play”.

After seeing some product pictures, I placed my order with white/blue lights to match the current design of my bike. I mean how can you not be sold when you see a product picture on their website like this:


Placed my custom order to have the same setup as shown above. Blue halo lights, audi-white running lights, and amber turn signals built in.

Product Packaging / Shipping:

This is a custom product so I expected it to take a few weeks at least to get the headlight in. It took less than two weeks, so I was surprised when the delivery man rolled up. The headlight was packaged very well and wrapped in several layers of packing material, especially around the headlight lens.

They even had a wrapping on the lenses to prevent scratching. Well done. 10/10 across the board. review 07 1000rr hid demon eyes headlight product review on

After being unpacked, waiting to be installed: review 07 1000rr hid demon eyes headlight product review on

Product Quality / Design:

When you open the box for the first time and see the detail and the quality of this headlight, you will be floored. It looks like something built for a high end car.. from the future. The lens is super clear and the lights look perfect. I chose to have blue halo lights, white audi-style S-shaped light, and amber turn signals (built in). Even turned off they look beautiful.

The paint shows a bit of exposed white plastic toward the top of the assembly, but that is covered when installed, so it doesn’t really matter. The bolts and fittings are rock solid. The lights themselves when tested were EXTREMELY bright.

When I ordered, we were told that the quality of the top light housing may not fit perfectly to the body lines of the bike when installed, but the stock housing can be used instead. We tried both and found that they both fit the same (in our case) so I used the new housing. 10/10 quality. review 07 1000rr hid demon eyes headlight product review on

Product Fitment / Installation:

Installation is “plug and play”. Basically remove everything from your existing headlight, plug the new headlight in, and then figure out exactly where you want to put all of the wires. There are installation instructions included but it’s “plug and play” so I went to town. I started by removing the side fairings, then the front nose fairing, and then the headlight assembly.

Next, since there are a lot of wires, I laid everything out to stay organized and then started to plug everything in. I wanted to make sure everything worked 100% before moving forward.

Plugging everything in, moving wires around, and figuring out where to put everything. I found it easiest to put a chair in front of the bike so you can plug everything in and test everything before installing.


After an hour or so.. everything was wired up. It’s all “plug and play” except for the turn signals which need to be wired together. Simple $0.25 electrical connector piece from Home Depot did the trick. Wrapped the other exposed connections in heavy electrical tape to prevent any water getting to them, ever.

Everything plugged in, electrical tape everywhere, I was ready to test to make sure everything worked properly. I fired up the lights and was blown away by the quality. The blue halo light is visible when activated and the low/high beam switch on the bike worked perfectly. I was shocked by how clean the halo light looks. It also comes with it’s own switch, so you can switch from LOW to HALO with your own switch.

Next, I tested the turn signals. After following directions to a T, the amber turn signals only activate as a solid orange light. The strange part is that it changed the White Audi Light to orange. No matter what wiring configuration I tried, I always got the same result:


I contacted XDcycle and after some troubleshooting.. we came to the conclusion that the bike needs a “flash relay or two load resistors” to be installed for the turn signals to work properly. I am having a shop install and test some relays/resistors in the near future, and will update the review then.

Since everything else was working perfectly, except for the built in turn-signals, and the bike needing to go to an event.. I started to wire everything up. You’ll notice in the next picture how I installed the HID control units. The headlight assembly also comes with a large unit where all of the wires meet up. I found that it fit snug inside of the middle of the headlight.

For the demon eye switch, I decided to mount it on the inner plastic of the right side fairing. This way I could have an easy way to switch from Low Beam to Blue Halo light whenever I wanted. Some quick exacto knife work and it fits great. The second picture shows the small switch mounted in the middle.

Next I started to mount everything in. Everything went together smoothly. Since there were still wired everywhere (there are a lot of wires) I liberally used electrical tape and zip ties to lock everything in place and tuck away anything possible. It’s a lot to fit and took a couple hours to mount everything the way I wanted but it went back together smoothly.

Starting to come together. The lights fit very well. There is a small overlap of the top corner of the nose fairing, but this was the same on our stock setup with this fairing kit so it’s most likely not a headlight issue. They look great!


For now, I am rating installation at an 8.5/10 due to the turn signal issue. This could either be a design issue (not including the relays) or a bike issue. We are going to have a motorcycle electrical specialist troubleshoot it and we will update the review, design/installation ratings, and the overall rating once that has been done.

Product Price / Value:

This assembly isn’t cheap but most riders wouldn’t expect it to be. It’s a custom piece that will definitely make your bike stand out in a crowd. The price for this setup is currently $539.00 with free shipping. From a value perspective, it’s hard to justify a $500+ headlight, but for that extra custom touch, it’s worth it. Plus they do the customization for you. Rating: 8.5/10.

Desirable / Cool Factor:

I never thought I would call a motorcycle headlight amazing, but this thing is amazing. Every time I pull into an event or show..  one flip of the switch and the low beams cut off and the blue halo lights turn on. It’s the first thing people talk about when they see my bike. One of the pictures shown below has been viewed on Facebook over 200,000 times with over 1,000 likes. The cool factor is off the charts. Rating: 10/10.

Product Return Policy / Warranty:

XDCycle offers both 1 year warranty on parts and a return policy for all of their products which states:

To express XD Cycle’s commitment to excellence, we provide a refund of the purchase price minus a restock fee of 10-20% of our products within 21 days of the date of delivery. Refunds will be refused if credible evidence shows that a product has been damaged or used in any way. We only accept back new in box products for refund.

A Return Authorization Numbers (RA number) is required for all returns and must be obtained before a refund or exchange is granted. This number must be clearly written on the outside of the return packaging and is obtained by email. All original packaging material and instructions must be included with the return and in good condition. There are no exceptions to this policy.

The company has been very responsive to our messages and questions and they also mention several times that they will work with their customers to provide support or help in any way possible. If a refund is needed, they do charge a re-stocking fee, which i’m never a fan of but I understand it. Rating: 9.5/10.

Company Customer Support:

So far every time we’ve emailed XDCycle they have been extremely helpful and timely with all of their responses. Their email support has been terrific, even when we had an issue. They have been very helpful with suggestions, troubleshooting, etc. No issues at all with their customer support. Rating: 10/10.

Final Installed Pictures:

IMG_3731 IMG_3736 IMG_3745 IMG_3746 IMG_3747 IMG_3805 IMG_3744 IMG_20151104_115328195

Until we add higher quality photo shoot pictures and videos, here are some product shots from


For me, I don’t like to mess with electrical items on my bike. I can do it.. I just choose not to. When I found this headlight I was blown away. A completely custom assembly where I don’t have to cut open a headlight.. and it’s plug and play? I’m in. Whenever I go anywhere, it’s the first thing people talk about, and it’s definitely a unique custom touch for your sportbike. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a custom “plug and play” HID solution. The lights are extremely bright and the detail and build quality is awesome. I did have an issue with the turn signals, but it should be resolved soon. ** Please note that this review is still on-going. We will update the Design / Installation ratings once we are able to install this headlight to 100% functionality. HD Pictures and HD Product Videos will be added in Spring 2016!! **

Visit for pricing, pictures and more.

For the exact headlight reviewed here, 06-07 1000rr models, visit their product page here:


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