RideCBR Frequently Asked Questions

How do I mention someone on RideCBR.com?

RideCBR has a great way to let someone know that you’ve replied to their post, or to grab a member’s attention. Mentioning a member is as easy as taking their username, and adding the @ symbol before it. For example, if you wanted to mention George (the owner), his username is Admin.. To mention him, you can simply type @admin in any forum topic, reply, status update, or group update. Each mention will give the user a notification when they log in that they have been mentioned on the site. (Don’t know the member’s username? See below.)

How do I find a member’s username?

To find a member’s username, simply scroll over their avatar. A small box will pop up to show you their details, and their @username to be able to mention them on RideCBR. You can also see the member’s username next to their display name, in their member profile page.

How do I upload pictures onto RideCBR directly on the Forum?

You can now upload images directly to RideCBR.com when posting.

Step One.. Click the Picture Icon:

Step Two.. Click Upload an image:

The image upload screen will pop up. Click on your image and it will be saved on RideCBR.com so you don’t have to worry about losing it if it’s hosted elsewhere.

Also, if you would like to see how to post pictures on your profile, the community activity section, or on the RideCBR Forum.. take a look at this video for step by step directions:


How do I upload pictures onto RideCBR via Photobucket?

See this Blog Post with detailed instructions: http://ridecbr.com/2012/07/17/how-to-post-mobile-pic-via-photobucket-for-the-picture-game/

What are RideCBR points and how do I earn them?

You earn RideCBR points for participating on different sections of RideCBR. Posting on the forum, replying to forum topics, posting status updates, and even just visiting the site on a daily basis will earn you more and more points. There are also forum based picture contests that award RideCBR points regularly for a win. The smaller forum based contests to earn points are in our Member Clubhouse.

What can I spend RideCBR points on?

We have monthly or bi-weekly (depending on the volume of giveaway prizes from our sponsors) contests and giveaways on RideCBR. To enter, simply use your points on the contest page. You can see open and closed contests in our Contest Forum Section. You can also purchase stickers and other RideCBR promotional items in our RideCBR Store.

Can I purchase RideCBR points?

You cannot purchase RideCBR points directly. We are however accepting donations to improve, market, and grow RideCBR as well as our promotional gear and contest sizes.

We give a 1,000 RideCBR free bonus points for every $10.00 donated through our Donation Form.

If you have a question that isn’t covered here, contact us via the contact tab on the top of any RideCBR page and we’ll answer your question and add it here. You can also mention @admin in any forum post or profile status update for a faster response to your questions.

Thank you for being a member of RideCBR.com!

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