RideCBR’s 14th Giveaway – Win a Sportbike Light Kit!

Enter RideCBR.com’s 14th Point Giveaway Contest. Our contests are completely run on RideCBR Points which you can earn by participating in our online community. This time around, we’ve giving away a sweet Million Color light kit.This kit is small enough to mount on your Honda Sportbike, and big enough to provide enough light to really show off your bike in style.

Simply enter your RideCBR points for your chance to win!

Giveaway Product Image:

Giveaway Product Description:

Million Color Mini Motorcycle Lighting Kit includes six 4 inch flexible tubes featuring 15 preset solid colors, as well as multiple lighting modes. This motorcycle lighting kit features 18 SMD LEDs for extremely bright and vibrant color modes. Light up your sportbike in style with this easy to install kit. Includes a wireless key control box so you don’t have to install switches on your bike.

Giveaway Product Features:

18 Surfaced Mounted RGB LEDs, Six 4 Inch Flexible Tubes — Mini USB Connections for Extremely Easy Install, Slim, Easily Hidden Control Box — 4 Button Wireless Remote — 15 Solid Color Modes Include: Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow, Purple, and Teal — 2 Color Cycle Modes — 2 Strobing Modes, 2 Fading Modes, and 1 Flashing Mode — Sound Activation Mode — Strips are .35 of an Inch in Depth — Power Wires Included (2) 1.5 Feet, (2) 3 Feet, and (2) 5 Feet — Expandable to Include 72 LEDs or 24 Four Inch Tubes — Installation Hardware and Instructions — One Year Limited Warranty.

Giveaway Start/End Dates:

Start Date: 1/4/14 @ 2:00PM EST

Closing Date: 2/31/14 @ 10:00PM EST

Draw Date: 3/1/14 @ 10:00PM EST

Giveaway Prize Schedule:

1st Place = Sportbike Mini Light Kit

Runner Up = 2,000 RideCBR Points

2nd Runner Up = 1,000 RideCBR Points

RideCBR Giveaway Rules & Restrictions:

1. You cannot buy entries. You must use your RideCBR.com points. You can earn them for free by participating on our site.

2. The drawing is randomly selected by the system. I do not pick the winner. Please do not PM me asking and begging to win because you really need this. (Yes, this happens.)

3. If any member is found spamming the forum, community, etc just to gain points for a contest, you will be warned. If it continues, you will be banned. I have no tolerance for people abusing the system just to take advantage of generosity.


Please mention me (@admin) on RideCBR, email me with the contact page, or post on the Forum. New point system is now online as most have noticed, this is our first contest on the new system. If you see anything strange, let me know.

Also, consider donating to RideCBR.com to support our contests and constant community improvements. We give 1,000 points per $10 donation as a thank you.

Good luck all!


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