RideCBR Marketplace Removed – Moved to Forum.

Over the past few weeks, i’ve been relentlessly working to speed up RideCBR.com, the forum, and the community. So far, it’s worked great, and our page speed and loading times have dramatically improved across all platforms. After running various reports, our RideCBR Marketplace was causing the most drain on our servers and slowing down the site as a whole.

Since the RideCBR Marketplace was barely being used by members, i’ve decided to move the Marketplace back to the Honda CBR Forum. Members can now post for sale, wanted, or trade posts here: http://ridecbr.com/forum/ridecbr-member-marketplace/

Please remember that RideCBR.com is in no way responsible for any transactions that occur on our Forum Marketplace. We cannot track every transaction, therefore, we are not responsible for your posts, or your transactions on RideCBR’s Marketplace.

The rules are now posted as a sticky within the Marketplace Forum Category. Please make sure you read those before posting in the Marketplace, or your post will be automatically deleted.

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