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Discussion Topic: Removing a Honda CBR600RR Rear Wheel
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Here are a few pics and tutorial for those who have not removed the rear wheel before. I will add putting it back on once I get my tire fixed. I am always really nervous when it comes to doing something for the first time on my bike. It took less than 5 minutes.

I put the bike on the stand. The 06 has a 32mm axle bolt. Loosen and remove the axle nut in the right axle. Remove the washer under the nut. I laid my parts out on a towel so I knew right where they were.

 photo E422EBEF-911E-454F-8341-86585A08BE04-3530-000002C43890D5C1_zpsbc34bb2e.jpg

Take a rubber mallet and knock loose the axle from the side. I had to insert a screwdriver on the left side while putting pressure on the tire with a 2×4 to pry the axle far enough to get a hand on it to pull it through

 photo 51DC9F8E-E7F6-47C3-8B50-A6E5F146F35F-3530-000002C4BE0E7A14_zpsfcde3893.jpg

Slide the wheel to the ground and push forward to get slack in the chain. then remove the chain from the sprocket

 photo 75E87EC4-B48B-44F4-B0F2-9B901D5DA2D7-3530-000002C45ED683D0_zpsd2079150.jpg

Now carefully pull the wheel out watching the brake. The bracket slides on the swingarm so as you pull the wheel out and you have clearance move it out of the way.

 photo 4181F9B0-9548-4C30-8004-C5FFB1BBC8AF-3530-000002C4AEFB5179_zps52527350.jpg

Be careful and watch for the spacers on each side of the wheel. They may fall out. Mine stayed in place so they were easy to find.

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Be careful not to lay the tire down on the sprocket side since it may damage your sprocket. The brake disk sits inside the edge of your tire so lay it on that side and pull the sprocket from the rim. There are 6 rubber spacers under the sprocket. Remove those and set aside.

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I didn’t want to see the rust on the outside edge of my bearings so I will need to change those soon. The bearings roll smooth though.

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So with all my parts out they needed a good cleaning. Brake cleaner can loosen grease and grime but it evaporates and leaves the grime stuck on. I used Simple Green and a stiff brush. Great degreaser!

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    The rubber things under the sprocket are Cush drives not spacers. They basically stop any harshness when applying the throttle and when you let off the throttle.
    Just so if anyone is new to working on there bike they know the proper terms.

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