New Street Team Business Cards

The first marketing/gear related order that arrived today is our new Street Team Business Cards. These are so members don’t have to order a million stickers to be able to promote to other CBR owners.

Digital Example:

Real Life Example:

I would love to send a stack of these to every member, but to not be overwhelmed by requests with limited supply, they will only be sent to members who purchase a Street Team pack in our point store, or to our “Guru” members. Any member who has reached “Guru” status on is automatically qualified to recieve a set of these FOR FREE.

If you qualify, please send me a PM with your full name and address. You will then be sent a pack of these cards to help promote our website and community in style.

If you have never reached “Guru” status on, then please use your points to order a set of these. I will cover the shipping costs as well, so there is nothing for members to pay for out of pocket.

There are two options now on our temporary online store. The first option is 200 points for 20 cards and the second option is 500 points for 50 cards. I’m also working on a new store with point integration so purchases of stickers, cards, and future gear will all be automated. More info on that soon.

Any future sticker or gear orders will have a few of these thrown in as well.

Order now, here:

If you reached Guru status, please do not fill out the order form.. just PM me your info.

Thank you for helping promote!

Ride Safe,

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